Bio: Currently I live on a 1/4 acre, urban, lot in British Columbia, Canada. I quit my job in the BIG city and turned my focus to my passions; dirt worshipper, water warrior and food rescuer. I currently volunteer for Farm 2 Food Bank creating a line of gourmet canned goods called Helping Harvest which are made from rescued, gleaned, produce from local farms. We preserve the food by means of canning. The items created are sold at local farmer's markets to raise money for our program and to raise awareness about food waste, water waste and food insecurity in our local communities. We donate 45% of our product line to feed our community members at local food banks. I also work as an artisan creating crafts and artworks from locally sourced and upcycled materials. I am striving towards achieving self-sufficiency by learning homesteading skills and the fine art of housewifery while becoming an environmental steward. Housewife does not have to be a dirty word. Let's redefine housewife as a woman who takes pride in managing her own home and financial affairs.

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