Oregon Grape Jam

I was going to write my own blog on making Oregon Grape jelly, but when researching recipes, this blog post I found was brilliant for trying out for my first time!

A Gardener's Table

Oregon grapesJelly isn’t much in style these days, I’ve noticed. Many people consider it too sweet, otherwise bland, and nearly devoid of nutritional value. I feel that way about many kinds of jelly myself. Who would choose strawberry jelly over strawberry jam, raspberry jelly over raspberry jam? Why throw out all of the fruit’s fiber and sacrifice the appealing texture that fiber provides?

Some fruits, though, are too fibrous or seedy for a mashed jam. When they also have high levels of pectin and acid, they are perfect for jelly. Oregon grape, Mahonia aquifolium, is one of these fruits.* I love the dark, tart, spicy jelly I make from the Oregon grapes growing beneath the bigleaf maple near our chicken house.

Still, some people would always choose a jar labeled jam over one labeled jelly. So, last summer, for the first time, I decided to try making Oregon grape…

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2 thoughts on “Oregon Grape Jam

  1. I would love to have some of those berries to make jam and jelly. But here in North Carolina, they are not found!If anyone know where I might buy some, please let me know. Thanks.


    • Because most foraged foods are usually of a delicate nature, your best bet to acquire Oregon Grapes would be to travel to areas that have them in season and forage them yourself. I am sure North Carolina has many local delicacies to explore. You should try foraging for food that is native to your area! I try to pick up field guides wherever I live to familiarize myself with native species. You could also look online to see if you could buy dried herbs or berries. Sorry I cannot be if better assistance.


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