Cooking On The Go


Chefs in small spaces and nomads alike will appreciate the diversity of tortillas. No matter what sort of domicile you occupy or what kind of “kitchen” facilities you utilize, tortillas will fit your lifestyle even on the go.

So what are the benefits of tortillas over other similar portable food accessories?

  • Tortillas are a way to bring food to your mouth without the need to dirty extra plates or cutlery for serving (In fact I often use them as a plate to prepare food on)
  • No refrigeration is required to keep these from spoiling
  • They store flat so they don’t take up as much room as their starchy counterpart bread which has a tendency to get crushed when jammed in a backpack or tight area
  • You don’t need to heat them up (although heating them creates many meal options that go far beyond just wraps)
  • They are relatively affordable (I bought 10 flour tortillas for $1.00, and I bought 30 corn ones for $1.19
  • They are readily available. Whether you are in Canada or the States grocery stores and corner stores alike usually carry some sort of tortilla on their shelves. There is nothing worse than incorporating an item into your diet and then finding out that it is a “specialty” item that is not carried everywhere
  • You can get them in vegan and gluten free versions which accommodate most dietary requirements
  • If they get stale you can turn them into nacho chips, or “bread crumbs”. They also make a nice addition to many hot meals


Don’t get hung up on tortillas being used only for wraps or Mexican inspired meals. Tortillas are very versatile and the dishes you can prepare with them are limited only by your imagination (and the food items you keep on hand). Here is a quick list to get your mouth watering and your mind mulling your next meal.

  • Use them to make wraps, but don’t stop at just lunches, make breakfast wraps and dinner wraps
  • Use them like crepes to create sweet desert treats and roll ups
  • Instead of lasagna noodles, use tortillas to create layered meals and casseroles that can be served hot or cold
  • Turn them into nacho chips to scoop up dips
  • Baked until crispy, these make a great base for thin crust pizza
  • Add to soups for added texture
  • Maki rolls (use tortillas instead of nori) one of my faves is cream cheese and lox for a West Coast feel. Cut roll into Maki sized bites and serve
  • Slather with butter and garlic for thin garlic bread or a naan substitute

The options are limitless!



4 thoughts on “Cooking On The Go

  1. I find them tedious to make yourself. Have you perfected this art yet? I’m still looking for a usable recipe that doesn’t take me an hour to make horribly misshapen tortillas 😛

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  2. I just made a couple batches homemade whole wheat tortillas last weekend. I love them. I think I bought a press but have to see if I still have it. They didn’t look good but boy were they tasty ( if you like pure heavy whole grain goodness! If I find my press I will write w post with pics and recipe. I thought it was worth the time!

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