Neighborhood libraries: sharing your love of reading

WP_20160403_18_42_20_ProHow amazing is it to read a great book? I am talking a cannot put it down, page turner. But once you are done reading it what do you do with it? I mean it is a shame to let it gather dust on the shelf. What if you could share that book easily with your neighbors? Well it can be done! There is nothing quite as quaint as building a little library at the end of your driveway so that you can offer books for reading to others for free. Take a book leave a book, meet people who live nearby who share similar tastes in reading material. Allow people who might not be able to afford to buy a book to read the latest bestseller or make books easily accessible to people who maybe cannot get to the local library.
I have seen many people get creative with their little libraries, treating them as a focal point for the front yard.
On the particular day I photographed the featured image of this article I was pleased to walk away with a little reading myself. Tucked between children’s picture books, how to manuals and fictional novels was a national bestseller by Bernd Heinrich, Winter World: The ingenuity of animal survival. Yesterday I found myself in a totally new area with a little library and I scored The First Practical and Holistic Guide For Parents of the Developing Child: Natural Childhood which discusses largely the Waldorf methodology set forth by Rudolf Steiner who developed “a form of education that would take into account the whole human being (body, mind and spirit) and would lead to cultural renewal”. I look forward to getting back to that area to make a donation of a book of my own.
I am super excited for when I have the opportunity to build one of these little library boxes myself!

If you are interested in starting your own library, this website is a great resource to explain how to do it.


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