Foraged Finds: Stinging Nettles Quesadillas


Today was the winter farmers market. I meandered amongst the stalls and stands while live music saturated the square. Kale, leeks, potatoes… Some vegetables were sleepy in the season and others like the sprouts are early go getters. I make the rounds three times before settling on sustainably foraged stinging nettles and local organic garlic. I snag another seed catalogue from the lady with the nettles. Tonight we will have quesadillas. I want desperately to splurge for local cheese, but the cheddar I already have will have to be good enough.

I boil the nettles and keep the water for tea. In the cast iron pan I  sauté the garlic, tomato and wilted nettles. I put them with cheese on corn tortillas and toast them until the cheese melts. Oh how divine truly local food is!


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