Socks With A Lifetime Guarantee… Seriously

If I had not seen it myself, I would not have believed it; socks with a lifetime guarantee.
In a world of platicized disposals it is a real surprise to discover companies producing products made to last.
After getting a hole in the toe of my sock the first time I wore it, I was determined to find better quality items.
I researched materials and had my heart set on buying wool blended socks. They wick moisture and are a natural, breathable fiber, they are antibacterial so they fight odor, they dry quickly and wash easily which means clean socks are easy even on the go. The next step was to find the right company. After poking around the internet I stumbled across a company offering socks made in America with a lifetime guarantee. My jaw dropped. Could this really be?! Oh yes my friends it is true. I practically did a happy dance.
Now these socks don’t come cheap. Most will run you (pun intended) about $20 a pair. Now before you tell me that this is not an affordable pair of socks, consider this, how many holey pairs of socks have you relegated to the rag pile over the last few years? How much did you spend on your Swiss cheese socks? I am guessing a decent amount. What if I said that these will be the last set of socks you will ever need to buy? Does that start to sound more appealing? Well it certainly did to me! I ended up buying seven pairs. Two bicycling pairs, three everyday pairs and two lightly padded hiking pairs. I figure this is all I will need for my day to day adventuring.
I have already been giving my socks a real workout. Hand washed (they are fine in the washer and dryer too) and hung to dry by the fire, I can already imagine them doing well on a dashboard. There has been days of consecutive wear and my socks still don’t stink! I am super pleased with my sock collection.
Now you may be wondering what company makes these magical foot warming beasts. Darn Tough. The name says it all.


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