How Returning To The Simple Life Is Not So Simple


Here is my question, is living a simpler life like being vegan? Does it really have to be all or nothing as far your your commitment level? How about being zero waste? Is it not good enough to eliminate almost all your garbage and plastic dependence or do you have to be doing 100% all the time to earn the title?

How many times I have heard people say they would love to live in a cabin in the woods, if only it had WIFI. I assume they also want other modern conveniences such as electricity so they can charge up their devices. But the truth is there are many technological advances that benefit our lives that I would prefer to have available to me.

This is my wish list. It is by no means a must have list but as I strive to recreate simpler ideas to attain more self sufficiency I constantly am reassessing what is valuable or useful to me in daily life.

  • Running water: Not having to carry in water for every chore saves a lot of back breaking work
  • Hot water: If you have ever had to boil water to take a bath, you will really appreciate the convenience of pre heated water
  • Clean water: This is something I feel truly blessed to have
  • Heat: Being cold is not a comfortable feeling. Having the ability to heat your living space is vital
  • Refrigeration: I am glad I do not need to worry about ice for the ice box. As it stands I only use the fridge for a few dairy items and to store fruits and veggies because I don’t have counter space. It actually seems a bit frivolous to me
  • Cooking source: I love to cook but at the moment I use the equivalent of a hot plate, coffee maker, and tea kettle to prepare my meals and this is satisfactory. Honestly I could go down to just a tea kettle and still have hot meals
  • Emergency medical care: I mostly use natural medicines and my own first aid knowledge, but if there was an emergency I could not handle, I would be grateful for help
  • Dental care: I have realized that the better I take care of my teeth the less I need to see a dentist. I have a water pik flosser and electric toothbrush with homemade toothpaste. Take that tarter build up!
  • Power: I don’t have a lot of electrical demands but having some power is very helpful. I do use power but I feel a lot of my usage could be met by solar. This is something I need to look into more
  • Stores: As I sit here early this morning waiting for a major sale to start I will say I am grateful to have the ability to buy items. Yes I prefer to make many things from scratch, but some things are better made by a professional. There is also something to be said for going into a grocery store in a pinch to buy the makings for dinner
  • Artificial materials: I totally prefer natural fibres and materials, but that doesn’t mean when it rains I don’t reach for my manmade rain gear with enthusiasm
  • I currently do not have a dryer but I have borrowed usage of a washer on occasion. For the most part I hand wash clothes in a large bowl. I find this method works well but I long for a hand crank mangle
  • My bicycle. It is old but I love it


So there you have it, my list of things I would not want to give up on as I journey towards a simpler life. I will admit there was a time that a flush toilet was a must have got me, bit this is no longer the case. Funny how we evolve over time.

What are your must haves from modern life?



2 thoughts on “How Returning To The Simple Life Is Not So Simple

  1. Currently we have no running water. Our well pump died and God only knows when it will be able to be replaced. I contention it is so bad to not have running water neither does daughter but husband and son not so much. I could do with out electricity if I could heat with out. So must haves : Heat, hunting licences for meat. Books and access to more books for homesteading topics I want to learn more about. My garden. A clean water source to haul from.

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    • I think all of your requirements are totally reasonable and needed. I like that you said books. So many people seem to rely only on the internet and I prefer to get my information from books I can own and refer to even without internet or power. Great must have list! I look forward to reading more about your journey!


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