excess and capsule wardrobes

What should I wear today? This question takes up a lot of time and the answer dominates so much physical space in my life.
I have Rubbermaid tubs overflowing with clothes yet if I was honest I really don’t wear as many outfits as I own. In fact I really seem to have a few go to items that I wear until they need to be washed. So why do I hang on to do many articles of clothes if I don’t seem to wear them?
I suppose the biggest reason is a fear I won’t have something appropriate for a specific occasion. I need clothes for different jobs, and different outdoor activities, I need options for social gatherings and appropriate choices to accommodate West Coast weather and changing seasons and finally I need sleepwear appropriate for the whole year.(There is nothing worse than freezing your butt off when you crawl out of your sleeping bag or bed.)
I have already significantly downsized my wardrobe but it is time to really put my remaining choices to the test.
Here are a few of the questions I will be asking myself about what should I wear.
Will I wear it?
Will it last?
Does it work in numerous contexts?
Does it coordinate with the other articles of clothing I own?
Is it easy to machine or hand wash as necessary?
How well does it hang dry?
Other things I will consider is what it is made of and where it is made and how it is made.
Here is to hoping I can get rid of more clothes and gain more space!
As a side note I wanted to mention, most of my wardrobe is second hand and any clothes I purge are donated or sold but never tossed out!


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