Stuff And Things

stacked cardboard boxes:

The universe is trying to tell me to downsize, not just by means of people I associate with who live large in small spaces, but even strangers seem to turn the conversation to minimizing “stuff” and the importance of limiting the value we place on those belongings.

When I was a little girl I remember wanting to move into a tiny trailer when I grew up and wondering where I would put all my things. I remember wishing I could  go on adventures on my tricycle but being unsure of how to pack my toys, or wanting to move into the apple tree in the back yard and trying to figure out where I would put things. It seems I have always wanted to live in small spaces and struggled with the constraints of owning “stuff”.

Stuff costs money, not just to buy, but to maintain, to replace and to store. I always assumed stuff was equal to stability. I could hold onto things. Things were there for me in a physical sense. But my life has spread out.  I went from living in a room, to renting a room with storage, to living in a single car garage converted into a 400 sq ft suite to living in a 600 sq ft apartment to moving into a 2700 sq ft house. With each step I acquired more and more things to fill the additional space and I began to feel more trapped. I could not just up and go, I would need a way to move all these items and a place to put them. That takes considerable time, effort and money now to deal with.

So here I am contemplating whether I own or am owned by inanimate objects. I have purged so many of my possessions and now I plan to downsize some more. I understand there will be a freedom in minimizing objects. There will be more time, more money and more ability to do what I want, but that does not mean the change is always easy. There are some pangs of regret as I shed my excess, but I know it is probably like emerging from a chrysalis. There is apprehension and excitement for the unknown as I make my way in this new world.




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