Products That Last and Last: Guaranteed

Trash can

What a novel idea to buy a product that lasts! Imagine not having to throw away something because it was made to be used again and again for a lifetime! Well Tara Button thought the same thing and she did something about it. Tara is the founder and CEO of which is an online company that has put together a list of products that are made to last, even socks with a lifetime guarantee! How cool is that?!

I am always sad when new products fail almost right out of the box. I remember my first wind up alarm clock broke one of the first times I wound it up (aren’t they supposed to be wound up?!) and the socks I bought and washed and immediately got a hole where my big toe is, *sigh*.

I realize that if stuff is made to break or wear out people will have to go out and buy more but is that truly good for business? I know I personally would not want to lend my name to a product destined to fail. Why is it many companies no longer want to stand behind their wares?

It is because of this lack of integrity I am thrilled to find I think there will be new socks in my future!


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