Becoming Better People, Happy People

I was eating eggs in hell for dinner. Do you know how happy this makes me? It is a poor man’s feast, a purge of the fridge’s last offerings into a single cast iron pan. The recipe is as simple as the contents of my barren larder and icebox but I assure you, you can share this meal with me and it is something that truly satisfies.

Huevos Del Infierno

In a pan add butter or whatever fat you have on hand

Toss in the veggies of your choosing, tonight was an onion and two limp sticks of celery

Once cooked golden and tender add in tomatoes or tomato sauce or salsa or whatever tomatoey goodness you can scrounge. (I was fortunate to find a bag of my own frozen heirloom tomatoes from the summer in the bottom of the chest freezer, oh what joy!)

Once the mixture is boiling crack two eggs into it trying not to break the yolks

Let it continue to boil until the eggs cook

Add hot sauce or spices or just salt and pepper

serve with cilantro or yogurt or cheese on top


I do not know when tomatoes changed for me, but they are a comfort food and today I needed to be comforted.

I have been struggling again with downsizing. I have found many wonderful homes for my stuff and for that I am grateful, but it is a learning process. For all that I have given away or sold, I am still overwhelmed with more things that I refuse to let go of. I wake up in the middle of the night filled with worry and excitement for a future I cannot even fathom of a world I do not know that is just beyond the protection of my cardboard box fort.

I had a beautiful and prophetic conversation with you today. You tell me how things do not matter and how you had everything at times you had nothing  and it may seem cliche to a person who was not sitting in a borrowed jeep filled with your dog’s hair on your friend’s leather seats but I was there and you knew just what I needed to hear.

I try to make many everything paperless. I won’t have an address, at least not my own.

Tonight they bring me coffee and pie as I will be going soon.

You know the saying “go big or go home”? It is completely irrelevant now.

These are just mad ramblings of a nomad at the start of a journey.




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