Thrift Store Finds: Knitting Looms


Move over Martha Stewart and take your overpriced knitting looms with you! I found a set of three circular looms for $4 at the MCC!

I have been laid up riding the chesterfield for almost two weeks so when I had to go up town I decided to pop into the thrift shop. Low and behold I found something mindless yet productive to do as I am nestled amongst the couch cushions with my loving dog squished next to me!

After two very short Youtube videos I was knitting leg warmers. (The first video was how to knit with the loom, the second was how to cast off).

Now if you have been knitting f o r e v e r… knitting looms will not be probably the best option. But if knitting is not your strongest skill, you will find it a quick and easy way to knit when watching a movie, or on the go.

Being that I have not been feeling well AND it was my first time using the loom, my first legwarmer took about 7 hours to complete and a very lazy speed. (This was a very long leg warmer that used just shy of a 150 yards of wool.)

Did I tell you about the wool? Hand dyed, 60% wool, 40% mohair from a local farmer/artisan in Chilliwack named Hannelore Lubben at SBF Handcrafted. I picked up two skeins of her beautiful wool that looks like a sunset setting on a lush valley for $5 each at the LMSPA “Wool ‘n Ewe A-Fair” wool auction in Cloverdale.

I cannot wait to be bicycling in my gorgeous new legwarmers!


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