Expired Food Is Not Cinderella At Midnight


Dear Manager at The Real Canadian Superstore,

I was feeling a little peckish and I thought some kefir spread would hit the spot. I found a package that had a best before date that was the same as today’s date. I wanted to buy it for a discount. You said it is not policy to sell expired food so I asked if I could have it for free, you are after all tossing out about twelve packages of perfectly fine food. You said that you did not want to be responsible for someone getting sick from expired food. Let me tell you this food is not expired. I sited the Good Samaritan act but you said that was not enough to protect you. I said I did not want to see good food go to waste.

I could see you were aggravated with my humble request. You even judged me but I know you just don’t understand. What makes you so scared of that silly date on the package? Food does not go bad when that stamped date comes around.

I would have eaten it and enjoyed it.

I will meet more of your kind and that is okay. I will find others willing to go against the system.



Hungry for change.





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