Life’s Little Gameshow: Luxury Versus Necessity


I saw the above meme on Facebook and I chuckled to myself, no internet, cell phone or tv? When did luxury entertainment items become necessity?

I would be more concerned with how people would deal with lack of electricity, no running water (it only said water which could be from the stream or a hand pump), no hot water, no flush toilets, keeping a fire going to heat the cabin, cooking with fire, lack of refrigeration, doing laundry by hand, and protection from nature be it wild animals or elements.

This notion that going without electronic devices is such a hardship that people are actually trying to decide if they could do without trivial items and services for a month in return for substantial cash prize seems ludicrous to me and honestly a little frightening.

I have not had cable tv for eight months and honestly I have only had cable for a small number of years over my whole lifetime. When I was growing up we had a black and white tv/radio with rabbit ears. I have always prefered to play outside rather than plunking down to watch the tube.

I did not get my first home computer until I was in college and I did not get internet until I moved out on my own. I admit I love the convenience of internet and it is my luxury of choice. Do I need it? No. Infact I have been weaning off social networks because I do not like the dependency that is created by them. Did you know if you do not log into Facebook for about a week it emails you to tell you what you are missing out on? CREEPY.

As for cell phones, I had one for a couple years, it beeped and bonged and doinked a lot. I don’t really know what it wanted but I found the little electronic very demanding. I also find it rude in most situations to use a cell phone in, I mean do you really need to talk while grocery shopping or dining or driving or walking? When I go out I want to socialize in person, not electronically. I will admit that having a cell phone is great for emergencies. If there is trouble, it is nice to be able to call for help.

So on one hand you have people who are unsure if they could unplug for a month. On the other hand you have people who think that off grid living would be sublime. How romantic the notion of a wee cabin in the woods would be! Forget the month and settle in for a lifetime of self sufficiency. Grow your own food, hunt, fish. No more bills coming in the mail, heck you are so remote you don’t even get mail service. But with the new found freedom come great responsibility and a need for skills you may or may not already have.

If you did not have running water, who would you get it to your house?

If you did not have a flush toilet, how would you deal with pee and poo?

How would you cope with garbage disposal?

Could you survive without electricity? If so how would you deal with things like refrigeration?

How would you cook?

How good are you at starting fires AND chopping and storing wood?

How would you store larder items to last a long time?

I mean the list goes on and on.

As with everything I say start now. If you think off grid living would be spectacular, start where you are. Just because you have utilities, you do not have to use them. Find alternative methods to do the things you normally do around the house. Learn the skills you need to not only survive but thrive. You don’t need to have the cabin in the woods to start your homesteading journey. Begin right where you are whether it is in a condo or a house, a mobile or a tent. Find what makes you happy and do it.

If you are the type that is dependant on technology, ask yourself why. Maybe you might find that turning off the device once in awhile could lead to a fun adventure of its own!





4 thoughts on “Life’s Little Gameshow: Luxury Versus Necessity

  1. Very interesting and yes, is creepy to think electronic devices r technology are basic needs. I don’t know how to start a fire, years ago I was in the scouts but since I didn’t practice everything I learned I don’t remember the techniques but I’m sure out of necessity in less than a week you become a profi just by attempting to cook and heat some water to bath (if there is cold weather) or to boil and drink. Wouldn’t say is easy of course but i think I would do it, I guess into end I wouldn’t want to get the money and go back to the urban busy loud lifestyle, after all I would realize I prefer to be living in that cabin with my basic needs fulfilled watching the starts or hearing nature alone

    Thank you for sharing! 💚

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    • Thank you! I agree with you as well, yes there are challenges that come with a lifestyle that differs so much from modern society but with that comes amazing things as you said. Simplification and refocusing on what is important is key. I have boiled water for baths and cooked with fire, and washed by hand, and I know how amazing and easy hot water on demand is as well as heating controlled by a thermostat. There are certain luxuries I want in life, but there is so much of modern life I would be happy to do without!

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  2. It is interesting how some people would probably not stay in the cabin for money while others would PAY money to stay in that cabin! Your questions about what people would do without water, electricity, toilets, etc reminded me of a book called Last Light by Terri Blackstock. I also think you have good ideas about starting now, where you are with going off the grid or becoming more self sufficient – definitely something people don’t usually consider doing now.

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