Sedan Life


I dreamt I woke up to the sun tapping me on the shoulder,

The early morning light is the most perfect shade of yellow you know?

It pours in like lemonade and quenches me.

Not even an hour later the color changes so I open the curtain and behold the brilliant


I put on coffee with water from a canteen,

I open the door and the chill morning air refreshes me as I go pee just off to the side.

Once again I dream of my home as a gypsy caravan,

and the world is my livingroom.

Did I mention the curtains?

They are handmade and cheerful, each one suction cupped to a window.

The backseat is my bed and the trunk opens to be a juliet balcony of sorts.

I forage the front seat for food.

Every square inch is utilized, simplified and sufficient.

I smile and stretch, hands return to warm around my mug.

What a perfect and peculiar dream.

Oh to travel so freely in such a way…






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