My Need For Weeds


The humble dandelion is sunshine after a long winter. Even the the bees rejoice at its return. I cannot wait to eat the tender young leaves in a Spring salad fresh from the front yard. The bright yellow petals adorning my tuna salad and the roots dried for tea. Who does not truly love this weed once they are properly introduced? Their presence is even an indicator of your soil, like a friendly little garden companion announcing your soil needs loosening and its tap root is just the tool to use.

My friend once had a potted dandelion; this is something I completely can relate to. Free nutritious food and medicine foraged right outside of your door.

Dandelion sounds like it contains the alphabet, with vitamin A B C and D as well as Iron, Potassium and Zinc in it. All of its parts have been used to treat numerous ailments and health concerns.

What an amazing little find so close to home. Bloom soon my little lovely, I miss you.


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