Forgotten Food, Thoughtless Waste: Reusing Foods

olive oil on green olives

Often we throw out food before it is really done.

After getting an amazing deal on feta stuffed olives in oil I quickly found myself with an empty container; well almost empty. The olives were gone but there was still oil. At this point many would throw out the oil and hopefully recycle the plastic container. I personally choose to use the oil.

Here are some ways to save food:

  • How often after you eat the last pickle do you dump out the brine? What a waste! I like to reuse it again to make refrigerator pickles; specifically I enjoy using it for pickled eggs.
  • Spoiled milk can find new life as cheese, or other reinventions.
  • Whey can be used to make bannock or for lacto fermentation or even to fortify smoothies.
  • Bones can be boiled down to make bone broth
  • Veggie scraps can be saved and boiled down to make vegetable broth
  • Don’t throw out fat, if you use it to fry with, save it and use it again
  • Stale bread can easily become bread pudding or bread crumbs
  • Used tea bags are said to be good for puffy eyes and under eye dark circles
  • Make zest from orange peels
  • Turn eggshells into a calcium supplement

What uses have you discovered to give food one more chance before it goes in the compost?

Please do not ever throw out food. Compost is a must!





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