Eating Down The Pantry: A Zero-waste, Almost Free Way To Dine

Full freezer

It is the dead of winter in our parts which means alternating between biting dampness and icy cold. We even had snow this year on more than one occasion.

The summer was filled with drought and now we are told that our weak dollar is affecting the prices of fruits and veggies as we import most of our produce in Canada from the States. This makes going to the grocery store a rather wallet draining experience as food prices skyrocket.

It is at this point that I am in the process of “eating down the pantry”.  What is this you ask? Basically instead of buying everything from the grocery store you go through and use up what you already have in the pantry and freezer.

The benefits of eating down the pantry:

  • Food does not get forgotten in the back of the cupboard or bottom of the freezer so there is less food waste
  • You can rotate your stock by using up food nearing expiry
  • Get organized! Take the time to put your dried goods in mason jars and figure out what you have
  • Food will not go stale as easily nor will it get freezer burn as much from being stored too long
  • You can keep track of what items you use up and make notes on what you do not use so you can buy accordingly
  • Varied meal plans based on what you have rather than buying the ingredients you want.
  • Save money by using up what you have. Too often we forget about our “food savings account” in our pantry when our chequing accounts get low on funds. Maybe it is time to make a withdrawal from the cupboard
  • Get creative! Learn new recipes based on the food you have on hand
  • Save money and time by not going to the grocery store to shop and by not being enticed by impulse items

If you are interested there are Pantry challenges!

I personally and quite excited about the frozen bag of foraged blackberries I found hiding in the bottom of the deep freeze. Those are going to make amazing fruit smoothies!


2 thoughts on “Eating Down The Pantry: A Zero-waste, Almost Free Way To Dine

    • It is a great thing to do! I am finding neat stuff in the freezer, even a whole salmon I did not know I had! I like the term eating down the pantry too. I actually tried to find the origins of it but have not been successful yet : ) Enjoy your meals from the cupboard! Let me know how it goes!


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