Beyond Buying On Sale

Larosa produces

I really wanted a treat today. The change I had jingled in my pocket as I pedalled.

I had been to the thrift store and bought a set of purse handles to weave a purse for $0.75, and I got three cross stitch frames for $0.50 each. I tucked them into my panniers. I am always glad not to fight with packaging there. Just a sticker or a tag, no need for a bag and I am off with my new treasures.

I thought about stopping at various locations for a treat. My mind calculated out each imaginary purchase, none seems worth the coin I had. I finally decided to go to The Real Canadian Superstore. They discount items nearing expiry. I parked my bicycle in the underground parking and headed up to see what items were on clearance. I perused the deli items trying to work out the 30% discount in my head, I looked to see what fish was marked down and I checked out the discount items in the bakery. I had almost settled on chocolate cherry loaf bread marked down from $4 to $2 and then discounted 30% when I found a dual pack of jalapeno and roasted garlic bruschetta with feta stuffed olives for $2.50 on sale. It was not expiring but it was being cleared out. I could not find the regular price but I knew it was a good deal so I decided to put back the bread and get two. I really wanted to get italian bread but I did not have enough money to pay the $0.95. I made my way to the checkout and scanned the item. It came up as $10.99. YIKES! I called over the woman helping in self checkout and she did a price check and it still came up at the wrong price. I ran to the shelf and confirmed the sale price and because the price came up wrong, this particular store offers the first item free meaning I got $22 worth of food for $2.50. What a deal! I was even about to pick of the loaf of Italian bread to make a wholly decadent Italian experience that will last numerous meals. Not all stores offer items for free if they come up wrong upon checkout but it is good to find out what stores do so you can ask for the discount!

Unfortunately the food came in recyclable plastic tubs with non recyclable plastic seals all wrapped in cardboard, but I did avoid bags and Larosa is a Canadian company from Vancouver B.C. Certainly not a completely zero-waste shopping experience today, but thoughtfully moving in the right direction. Ciao!



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