A Feast Fit For A Viking

An Early Meal – A Viking Age Cookbook & Culinary Odyssey

The postman delivered this wonderful book to me the other day. I was thrilled to receive it as a gift from a mystery person! Lucky me!

Imagine the mists sleepily lifting off the fields in early morning. Smoke curling from encampments as breakfast is being cooked on open fires. A few children are playing with toy swords as their mothers clad in apron dresses cook lovingly for their families. This is a reality for me. I belong to the Society of Creative Anachronism. Before you imagine renaissance faires or LARPers let me say that the SCA is more of a period recreation. Historical accuracy is of utmost importance as people try to recreate every aspect of medieval life. Housing, clothing, hobbies, heavy fighting, archery, equestrian, and even cooking are done as authentically period as possible. There is even a university to take mini courses for activities such as weaving, period music, language, sewing, banner making, weaponry, archery, fletching, and so much more.

Period cooking is a thrilling thing, especially when there is documentation to back it up. When I originally discovered this book I was completely enamoured with it. Imagine enjoying meals inspired by ingredients and techniques used by vikings!

I cannot wait to try so many of the dishes that are beautifully photographed in this handsome volume. If you love history and food, you are going to enjoy tasting the past with these recipes.



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