Shake, Rattle and Roll: Preparedness

Sannich earthquake

I was awaken by the bed shaking. My eyes opened to behold the darkness and I held my breath until I could untangle myself from sleep and grasp reality. Was it the dog? No, she was beside me, motionless. Again, the organic and abrupt shaking of the bed like a prank from when I was in cadets. The bed was being pushed and pulled as if by belligerent youth. It lasted for seconds.

The phone rang. “You okay? Did you feel that?”

We are an hour apart. He is in Bellingham, I am in Abbotsford.

“Yeah, that was a good one. Better than the one I felt this summer.”

I wander through the old house, which had just moved like a shimmying bellydancer. No fires, no floods, no fallen debris. I look outside and no one seems to have noticed the earthquake.

Online I find that we had experienced about a 4.9 quake with an epicentre located on Vancouver Island.

I am by no means ready to hunker and deal with a nuclear winter but I can easily handle basic emergencies.


Are you prepared?

  • A plan to connect with family of friends
  • First aid kit
  • Water
  • Food
  • Sanitation/hygiene
  • Medication
  • Communication
  • Tools or weapons
  • Documents
  • Funds
  • Change of clothes
  • Bedding
  • Supplies for pets or children
  • Basic knowhow (can you purify water, start a fire, change a tire, make food without electricity, first aid training, do you know what to do in a specific emergency?) (this is good for adapting to most emergencies)





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