Thrift Store Find: Stillroom Cookery- The Art Of Preserving Foods Naturally, with Recipes, Menus and Metric Measures

Definition of stillroom


  1. :  a room connected with the kitchen where liqueurs, preserves, and cakes are kept and beverages (as tea) are prepared

In the dedication of the book Grace Firth writes:

that young people will understand old ways as they reach for tomorrow.

I think that is eloquently said.

This book makes food preparation and preservation sexy.

Sauces  may be ravishing, light-headed blondes, sultry auburns, rich and jolly golden blondes, svelte platinum broths or juicy brunettes.

Quickly thumbing through the sweet smelling pages I find information that seemed to be lost in the modern revival of traditional cooking techniques. Cooking chicken “started with an ax”.

There are point form instructions with wisdom only a grandmother could bestow throughout the book.

Cookery temperatures, garden planting charts, salt proportions, substitutes, helpful hints, explanations like the jellying point, water bath processing times, how to leach pickles, how to properly make sun dried egg noodles including hints for when the weather is muggy are all included in this delightful volume.

I feel like I am learning trade secrets from a highly adept housewife from a bygone era.

What a great find at the thrift store for $1.50



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