Taste The Difference Local Makes

Not far from the lake in Bellingham is a quaint, cafe style, shop that offers sweets reminiscent of a simpler time. Locally made Edaleen ice-cream takes its place not only in cone form but as handmade milkshakes and banana splits that makes me want to joyfully don a poodle skirt and cardigan.

The coffee served in all trendy manners of mochacappaespressoness comes from Agri-Bay which roasts the beans right in Bellingham.

The true treat for me was their bakery selections.

Lafeen’s makes 30 types of donuts and pastries in more than 100 combinations of flavors, fillings, & toppings. Each doughnut made fresh daily by the owner.

I tried the buttermilk doughnut and could actually taste the buttermilk in the dough which was the most creamy consistency I have ever experienced. The weight was that of a decadent and heavy cake that was moist and rich. Too often I find sugary treats are just that, sugary, and do not satisfy my craving but rather leave me filled with calories and regret. Not Lafeen’s though. My sweet tooth was met with the most delightful desserts. I can truly taste the love in each bite.

This place may not be in your neighborhood, but I want to inspire you to leave your car at home and wander down a side street in your neck of the woods; maybe venture just over there to an area forgotten by your usual errand runs. Peek in the windows of shops you have often overlooked, open the door and venture inside. You will be surprised and you will make ripples in your local economy that will create positive changes in your community.




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