A dog, a house, a yard and a difference. My homesteading dream.

I was perusing the thrift store the other day and I bought a book for a dollar. One Acre & Security is totally a fantasy inspiring novel. 

I have been surviving,


and pondering the future while restlessly avoiding the longing to embrace long winter’s nights in swaddled hibernation.

What do I want from life?

I stood in awe in a friend’s home last night; stoked by the fire that burned in her stove.

The first snow of the season brought magic to the night and the footprint left behind was only 16×8 and filled with river rock and rough hewn wood still whispering the secrets of the forest.

I left my mind nestled in her bed listening to the rain on the roof.

There is nothing tiny about her life.

She is supersized and for a moment I got to be inside and feel the heat.

The only white powder that remained was a sugar hangover which I anointed with peppermint oil.

I bid the evening goodbye and with one eye, the sky winked, making no introductions to the distant planet shimmying behind nimbostratus veils.

She has a dog a house and a difference made.

I want the roots too. Is that so wrong?

The dirt on my food should be my own.

The stitch in the dress that I don-my own.

I want to be foreign to society and unfamiliar with asphalt.

Bathing in starlight literally,


pissing on social norms squatting over the compost.

The garbage man drives right by my place and you get what I have for what I need and it is good.

I could be a worm farmer and a dirt worshipper. Would you be proud of me?

“Most definitely”

Calloused, honest, organic.

I laughed in the room with you all and we caused a shift in this world.

“I don’t think the end will come in our lifetime, but if it does will you take care of me?”

Most definitely

I wield a machete and begin to cut ties with the past.



It is not chaos it is germination, determination

When I stand up for what I believe in I put down roots.

Winter will soon be over.

I feel myself growing.




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