Toxic Laundry Air Pollution

Depending on the chemicals you use in the laundry room, you might just need a hazmat suit to protect yourself against chemical exposure.

Let me start with the fact that when I cycle through the neighborhood I should not be able to smell your artificially scented laundry wafting from your dryer vent. I should also not have to wash an item from the thrift store twice to try to get the dryer sheet smell out of my second hand clothes only to find that the item still smells when I take it out of the drawer weeks later.

Chemicals do not make our clothes smell fresh. If you want fresh smelling laundry, hang clothes on the line outside. You can also add baking soda or vinegar to your wash. Essential oils are a great way to get a natural scent to your laundry and they have added benefits such as being anti-bacterial depending on your choice. Another option is using homemade wool dryer balls. (They have the added bonus of helping your clothes dry faster in the dryer too).

I make homemade laundry soap and it costs only pennies a load! At the moment I use Fels Naptha in my recipe but that can be easily traded out for castile soap to make an all natural recipe. Fels Naptha does have a bit of fragrance added but one added to the recipe I find the scent is not noticeable and I have not had any reactions to it.

The chemicals added to laundry products are known to cause cancer, eye irritation, respiratory issues, rashes and skin irritation, and endocrine system disruptors.

When you use these harsh and toxic chemicals you are polluting the air and water as well as your bodies from coming in constant contact with your own laundry.

Skip the chemicals and consider greener, more environmentally friendly options. The fish will thank you.


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