Zero Waste Thrift Store Finds


Thrift stores are a great way to create a zero waste lifestyle. If you need something you can get it used and save oodles of money and avoid packaging, if you no longer need an item you can donate it and  revel in the warm fuzzies of helping out a worthy cause while diverting items from the dumpster. Just because you are done using an item does not mean it is used up!

I bought 5 yards of tulle fabric for 50 cents (on sale at the thrift store regularly $3).

I bought a Simplicity pattern for shorts/pants and shirt combos that included my favorite style of shorts for cycling in (I don’t do spandex) and I paid 50 cents for the package. On Etsy this item goes for $2.72.

And finally I bought three stainless steel Senseo Brabantia canisters with red lids. I figured I could use them to store tea or for packing dry goods on short micro biking adventures. I paid 80 cents each. I really wanted to get them on sale but I was worried someone would buy them before I got back to the store next week (the color tag sales change every Monday.) I wandered around the store carrying these three canisters trying to decide if I really needed them and if they were a good price. I decided to get them.

When I got home I looked the stainless steel canisters up online and was shocked to find out they were selling for $35 EACH! That means new they would have cost $105 for the set and I paid $2.40.

I will admit it blows my mind what stuff costs.


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