Gorgeous Garbage And Delectable Dumpster Diversion


Sometimes I do not know why food gets thrown out. I rescued nine red bell peppers from work and a shopping bag of the most beautiful heirloom tomatoes.The peppers and tomatoes were in perfect condition. They were ripe but I could not find any imperfections. There were no blemishes. I infact saved some seeds from the tomatoes. I roasted the peppers and am making a spaghetti sauce with them. I tossed in some items that were looking a little worse for wear that I found in the crisper. This included two little celeriac that were going soft and an onion with a moldy spot that I simply trimmed off.

I was gifted some rescued bananas and baby bananas last night. My parents went to a grocery store and asked the produce person if they had any culled items in the back. They didn’t but the man was willing to offer up some of the over ripe fruit off the shelf for free. The truth is they would have been tossed later that night for being ready to eat. Bananas with brown spots do not sell.

I peeled the bananas and put them in the food dehydrator along with some apples that were not so firm anymore from my counter. They will make a delightful snack in the coming winter months.

The peels, cores, trimmings and stems will all go into the compost.

I am grateful for the free food. There is something special about the food that has been diverted from the dum(b)ster to dinner plate.



2 thoughts on “Gorgeous Garbage And Delectable Dumpster Diversion

  1. Mm mmm, Heirloom tomatoes and red peppers. Another use for your apple peels and cores that I found on backyard homestead is to make fruit leather or as she calls them, apple snacks. So simple and very tasty.

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