Chocolate Milk Gummies


Who knew treats could be this nutritious?!

Gelatin has been touted as one of the new superfoods and has been getting a lot of buzz for good reason. It is said that it helps joint pain due to arthritis, it is good for skin, hair and nails and contains protein! There are even more benefits attributed to this often overlooked dessert item.

I am not a fan of artificial dyes and refined white sugar but I am in love with gummy candies!

Here is a quick and easy recipe for Chocolate Milk Gummies.


2/3 cup of whole milk

2 tbsp gelatin (unflavored)

1 tbsp cocoa or cacao

approximately a tbsp of honey (more or less according to your sweet tooth)

You can add a splash of vanilla or a dash of himalayan salt or not as you wish


Heat milk in a pot on the stove and whisk in cocoa and gelatin and stir in honey

Do not allow to boil but continue to whisk for a few minutes

Pour into silicon molds

Chill in fridge until they solidify

Peel them out of the mold and serve and enjoy!




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