Farm to Food Bank

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Did you know?
1 in 5 children in Canada go hungry
1 in 10 families deal with food poverty on a daily basis

Farm to Food Bank visits local farms in the Fraser Valley and collects produce that would otherwise go to waste. F2FB volunteers then distribute the vegetables and fruit to local food banks so families in need can benefit from healthy food choices.

Farm to Food Bank started in 2013, a partnership between Abbotsford Food Bank, dragonlily gardens, and Valley Permaculture Guild, as an initiative to address the lack of healthy food access by families who attended the food bank, which services 3000 people a month, 1300 of whom are children. Instead of starting new agricultural initiatives that would be heavily grant-dependent, our team chose to utilize resources that already exist in the Fraser Valley, choosing to partner with local farms, local organizations, and local volunteer groups. Together, this Team has seen formidable impact on food security across the Fraser Valley, adding new cities every year to F2FB, through our Farm, Community, and Receiving Partners, saving local community service organizations upwards of $50,000 annually in purchasing costs.


Source: Farm to Food Bank


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