Dirty Kitchen Secrets

I turn on the element of the stove and cast iron pan that resides there begins to heat up. The grease melts and bubbles and I slip an egg out of its shell and use my finger to wipe the last gooey tendril from it before I toss it into the compost. It smells delicious.

I do not wash my cast iron pan. I rarely wipe it out with a wet rag unless I have to. I reuse the fats that remain for the next cooking project. If the pan looks a little dry I will take a wet cloth and give it a swipe before I add more oil and reheat it to season it. My $6 Thrift Store find and I have a good relationship. I do not have to worry about the troubles with Teflon or other concerning cookware. I have fallen in love with my pan which waits patiently for me to cook my next meal. There is no real waste when using, cleaning, or caring for it. I will never have to replace it, infact it has been used before me and probably will outlive me. My cast iron pan is a zero waster’s dream.


4 thoughts on “Dirty Kitchen Secrets

  1. I am new to social media and am a little nervous but you seem Like the perfect combo of grace and down to earthedness so here goes. My mother-in-law gave me two cast iron pans they had when she was a child and I joke that they are my new besties. Cooked potatoes in oil left over from last night’s sausage. So delicious. You are a gem!

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