Will Superfoods Save Us?


I swear every time I turn around there is a new superfood or fad diet that kills cancer, makes you live longer, look younger, feel better, gives you more energy, helps joints, boosts immune systems, gives you thicker hair, detox your body, eliminates wrinkles and shrinks your belly fat.

Is it true? Is there a magic pill or spoonful of Chia that is going to change our lives? Will eating like cavemen or drinking smoothies from the Amazon really better our health?

Um… probably not, but what if we took a look at EVERY mouthful and morsel of food we put in our bodies?

Food is more than tasty vittles to satisfy a craving. It is fuel for our bodies. It is medicine.

I laugh when I see articles saying to eat one food for its healing effects. But what if we ate all the whole foods?

What if we embraced healthy eating for all our meals?

What foods do you focus on? What lifestyle choices do you embrace when it comes to your meals?

We can plate up our values and serve change on the menu.


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