One Small step Towards Zero Waste, Okay Maybe Two.

I took an impromptu trip out of the country yesterday. I am sure I could be seen hanging out the window with the wind in my hair being so excited for the thrill of a car ride.

After visiting Bellingham Coffee Co., a locally owned coffee shop that uses locally roasted coffee from Bellingham Coffee Roasters I ended up with another disposable coffee cup and lid to add to the collection stacked in the passenger door cup holder.

Today I decided to buy a insulated stainless steel travel container to rectify my little pile of disposable shame. The lid had a minor scuff on the top so I asked for a discount and the store happily obliged and gave me 20% off.  I will keep this container in my backpack and use it when out and about. Hopefully this mug gets a lot of use and helps to create a lot less garbage.

I am also considering carrying a Tupperware container in my backpack (yes I know it is plastic, but I bike and I need something what won’t get broken and I cannot afford or really justify buying a stainless steel food storage container at this time). After bringing home two takeaway containers from eating out, I figure that I should consider an alternative for rescuing my leftovers. I worry about making my backpack too cumbersome but this is an experiment to see what works and what does not.

Today’s garbage and recyclables from shopping are as follows:

two stickers, a receipt and a paper manual for the travel mug

NO garbage from the coffee shop WOOT!

A receipt, recyclable yogurt container, a plastic seal of the yogurt, two paper twist ties on the cilantro bunches, a sticker on the lemon, two styrofoam trays and saran wrap for fish purchase (needed a produce bag to make sure it did not leak in my panniers) and a chocolate bar wrapper including cardboard insert.

Wow the garbage adds up fast! I even brought a reused, plastic produce bag from home and rejected the disposable grocery bags. On the up side both pieces of fish were marked down for clearance due to age, so those were definitely saved from the dum(b)ster!


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