You Are What You Buy, Eat And Kind Of Defined By How You get There. Yeah I Am Judging (Me Not You)

Zero waste living is not always easy to perfect. I went grocery shopping and bought garbage (single use packaging), literally, but I bought food that was soon to expire at a discount which means I am helping divert food from dum(b)ster to dinner table. .

I calculated every price out in my head and still spent $16.24. That is about two hours of work at minimum wage (after taxes). I discuss rather defeatedly with the cashier about how expensive food is. We commiserate. She is feeding two teenage boys on her salary. I carefully pack my two packages of rice cakes, one loaf of french bread, heavily discounted fondue cheese, almost expired kefir dip and boccaccini into my panniers. I tuck a chocolate bar into my pocket. This grocery order has 8 pieces of garbage involved. The wrappers from the bread and rice cakes and chocolate bar will get tossed. There is also a plastic wrapper under the lid on the kefir and cheese. At least the containers for those two items are recyclable. The cardboard on the fondue cheese is also recyclable but I imagine there is plastic wrap inside.

I did not really win on the garbage front. Two of the five items purchased were dum(b)ster diverted though. Is that a win? I am not sure. Does it help that I bicycled there? How about the fact I did not use plastic bags, instead I put the groceries into my panniers (which by the way were bought used and therefore given a second life and saved from becoming possible garbage themselves)? Yeah I am judging myself. I need to accept that EVERY step in the right direction is a BIG deal no matter how small the change.

Food rescue is my passion but becoming zero waste is an aspiration I really need to master before the end of the year. Have you seen Superstore’s new product line Naturally Imperfect? They are selling apples and potatoes that might not win a beauty pageant but taste great anyways! Be an environmental activist with little effort! How cool is that?!


6 thoughts on “You Are What You Buy, Eat And Kind Of Defined By How You get There. Yeah I Am Judging (Me Not You)

    • This is going to sound really strange but there is a standard of beauty all our produce has to meet to be accepted and sold in grocery stores. For instance a banana may look perfect to us but the length is too long or too short or the angle of the curve is wrong. Color is another thing that is considered, as is skin texture. As consumers we are being trained to buy food that looks designed rather than grown. If you asked a child to draw a carrot, the carrot would be orange. The truth is carrots come in a variety of colors. The child would also draw the carrot “triangle” shaped but often carrots grow extra protrusions as they are a root veggie. I am attaching the link for the apple standards for you to have a look at. I hope this answers your question. If you have more questions please feel free to ask!…/CXS_299e.pdf


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