My Drunk Monkey Was Bit By A Scorpion While Doing Espresso Shots

Up before the alarm,

Up before the sun.

I am sewing a button on the coat I am wearing,

Staring at the mountain still sleeping in the distance.

Mindy? Where are you?

I need you to surprise me.

Even your conversation percolates.

There is a decadence in this disposable cup and you are right, it totally smells like doughnuts.

Now I want to be off like a Rocket.

This is why I don’t watch TV; the power of suggestion, the power of pumpkin and refined white sugar and local ingredients.

That balances the universe right? Local?

That is enough justification for the fact I am going to be preoccupied with the thought of pumpkin for an entire week.

That is what I am going to tell myself.

We begin to assemble a life size puzzle discussing meditation.

Even the thought of my breathing makes me lightheaded.

You don’t even know what you are doing and you can do it with your eyes closed.

I am taming toddlers, overtired and bouncing within the confines of my brain.

You shower and I walk up the hill I now see in my dreams.

The mists make the islands seem coy.

I am sure they will have much to teach me.

We willfully avoid work and fill ourselves with copious amounts of Japanese food to the point I must decide between food

waste or a styrofoam takeaway container; I load up my newly obtained container and realize my new life will need some


I am not used to eating out.

There is paint on my coat and you seem pleased to sit across from me.

We go back to the house and my job is to keep the floor down.

You exalt the virtues of my position even though I feel rather useless.

Cross legged  I contemplate how zen it is watching you trowel glue. Who knew?

You curse the staples nestled in the underlayment with each tick of the trowel,

but as you said, you know the owner and grin.

We take turns complimenting the flooring.

You show me the fungus in the yard as we leave,

and it is agreed that this is a treasure.

We discuss the virtues of Okume and how life can be measured in millimeters.

I plan out loud and you tag along and it is spectacular.

There is of course cheese and more planning and a good night.

I wake up thinking of recycled fire starters and in the dwindling darkness I drink coffee with Jupiter and Venus.


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