Go Outside To Play: Natural Play Spaces

The elementary school was deciding if it should pave the front of the school or do a natural play space installation. I am so glad they decided to go green! This is not the first school in town to choose a more environmentally inspired playground and trust me the trend is inspiring!

Dragonlilly Gardens is the mastermind behind this amazing project that I was blessed to be a part of. The installations add structural elements like benches, arches, wooden games, zen sand boxes and even sun dials to invite hands on play! Children can wander the paths to take their minds on an adventure and create interaction with perennials that will grow with them.

The best part of volunteering? The children help create their own Natural Play Space. At this elementary school over two hundred children wandered single file into the garden space and created beautiful chaos by helping plant everything. Seeing children who have never played in the soil get their hands dirty made my heart happy. I heard children talk with such excitement and inspiration as they created ownership over their space. There was such pride as they pointed out their plants firmly nestled in the ground. I even heard one child exclaim that this is what he wanted to do when he grew up.

There were so many smiles and dirty high fives for everyone.

We all grew a lot on that very special day.


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