Getting Organized

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When did I become so busy? I found it necessary to dig an old day planner out of my belongings and began to put it to good use. A third of the days have my handwriting scrawled in the once blank spaces. Even when I worked in the big city I did not need a day planner as all I did was commute and work, commute and work. Then when I became a housewife  my world simplified to the point a day planner would still not be necessary. Today I realized things were changing. I now have appointments and volunteer work, events and dare I say social obligations to attend. I had quadruple booked myself for this past Saturday and realized that there was not enough me to go around so I needed to make choices to simplify my life. I needed to prioritize what had to have my undivided attention. I had to decline engagements to practice self-care. This was an odd thing for me.  I usually try to give until I have nothing left but I am realizing I have to pick and choose what I invest myself in.

When I was younger, I remember having a day planner that managed to account for almost every minute of my day. I do not want to live like that again.

For I have known them all already, known them all:

Have known the evenings, mornings, afternoons,

I have measured out my life with coffee spoons

T. S. Eliot had a way with words. I do not want to measure out my life but I want to be able to plan ahead, so I have my handwriting  marking important dates down on paper. This will keep my mind clear and my life organized. Simplification is good. I am hoping to begin to organize my future budget and projects, goals and expenses. Order from the chaos.


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