Self-worth Measured In Miles


You win some and you lose some on the quest to go green. I decided to challenge myself to a wee microadventure. The first attempt got rained out part way and I had to bike home sopping wet. This did not deter me. Yesterday was a crisp Autumn day with the bluest of skies and I decided to attempt my trip again. I have been feeling limited by not having a vehicle and honestly limited by my negative self talk. I decided to go on a trek for junk food (this was the least green part of my adventure but bear with me). Paper tray liner, plastic utensils in plastic wrapper, paper wrapper over food, styrofoam cup, seven condiment packets, two paper napkins, and plastic over a plastic tray all into the garbage. On the plus side I am a vegetarian so I had them swap beef for beans in my Crunchwrap Supreme. I really did not know how to get around all this waste. I eat out so rarely. I need to remember at least a reusable water bottle. If you notice in the photograph above it is my bicycle outside of the window. By this point in the day I had gone two miles roundtrip to the library to take out  books on vegan, whole foods and raw diets. Now I was sitting in the restaurant in the next town over eating a coveted, celebration meal at Taco Bell after riding 9.2 miles. I still needed to make it home but I was thrilled to have made it here.

On my way back to place I decided to stop in at the Old Abbey Ales for a beer tasting. I truly could not get more local than biking to their tasting room where they also brew! I tried the most amazing IPA Radler which was citrusy and the color of sunshine. At this company you buy a growler to keep and just return it to get filled. No fuss, and zero waste!

When I finally made it home I had completed a 20 mile microadventure. 20 miles is 1/5 of my daily distance goal for bikepacking and adventure tourism. I Honestly, I did not think I could do it. It is not that I have not biked this far in the past, but that in the last few years I have internalized a lot of negativity that affected my self-worth. Every challenge I set out for myself will bring me closer to the person I want to be. Yesterday my self-worth was measured in miles. I am getting there.


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