Gaining Perspective While Packing


If packing was not challenging enough, try doing it while significantly downsizing your life. I purge stuff, then box it up and then realize how much stuff I have. Do I need this many canning jars? The answer is of course not. My pantry is redone in glass rather than plastic storage containers. Only the large items like flour, oats and sugar remain in plastic until I can find affordable glass replacements. This brings me to the boxes of canning jars I packed. I was staring at them all and realized for every extra box of jars, a box of my more prized possessions would be displaced into the abyss of items to let go. I decided to repack the jars into one Rubbermaid bin. I counted out how many of each size fit into the canner and added a couple extra just in case. I put smaller jars in larger jars and kept the beautiful swing top beer bottles for fermenting. I did not think letting go of jars would be so challenging. When did stuff become to important to me? Like any addiction, my need for belongings makes me question myself. Why? Why do I have all this stuff? Does it serve a purpose? Well yes, the jars serve a purpose but the sheer amount did not and so I have let go of many of them. I feel lighter.

It is like I am building a box fort. My belongings begin  to make cardboard walls around me. I try to imagine sleeping amongst them all. I try to imagine creating art while living within the confines of these boxes. I group boxes of similar items together to gain perspective. Do I need three boxes of Christmas ornaments? Do I want all four boxes of books? Do I need this or that? How much clothes do I need? What kitchen items do I really use? Do I need all that bathroom stuff? I keep asking more questions and sometimes I don’t have an answer so I pack it up. I feel sort of like I am packing for end times; like it is the apocalypse and I will never be able to buy anything again. It is a strange feeling letting go of consumerism. Two coffee tables, two end tables, two dressers, a chair, a kitchen table, a storage bench, a nightstand, a sewing table, a few shelves (but not enough). I don’t even own a bed yet. A couch is totally out of the question. I imagine I will sleep on the boxes! I would sit on the floor if there is any room left. This is my motivation for downsizing. This next move in my life is like hibernating; I will be in transition. I do not need much, but when I emerge I will need things, but fewer than before. This life I have now is cluttered and lacks purpose. I spend too much time cleaning and not enough time living. In my next life I want to do what makes me happy. Simplifying will give me more time to live beautifully.


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