The Perfect “Pearing”


I was standing in the front yard with bare feet, a towel on my head and wearing my pajamas in the middle of the afternoon because I just got out of the shower after finishing a very dirty job. I was talking to my parents when my wonderful friend showed up and brought me almost forty pounds of no spray, non-gmo pears from his parent’s property in the Okanagan. I thanked him and he gave me a hug and drove off. I love how my friends know me so well! (Heck they don’t even question why I am frumping out in the front yard!)

I am so grateful for this free bounty! I thought about pear butter and chutneys, fruit leathers or salsas but I decided to dehydrate them. I have been spending the evening looking up recipes to dehydrate pears properly, while eating a baked pear with butter, cinnamon, goat cheese and black pepper. This is a divine invitation for cooler Autumnal evenings. I left the oven door open to put a little warmth into the house. I am so blessed to have received this gift of perfect pears! Thank you! Tomorrow I am going to be a happy and busy girl.


4 thoughts on “The Perfect “Pearing”

  1. Yummy! That’s what I love about autumn, the baking part. Let me know when you find the best ecofriendly way to dehydrate fruits and veggies. Some say a dehydrator some the oven, are there any other ways that don’t require “labs specialist” machines? Enjoy the pears! I think I might buy some this week 💚

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