Ten Things To Get Rid Of Today

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I just want to say Rob Greenfield is my imaginary boyfriend. No disrespect intended to his real and lovely partner, I just really get excited about Rob’s journey in a creepy stalker sort of way. Some people want to know what there favorite celebrities are up to by reading rag mags, well I am totally wanting to be up to date on his composting toilet and teenie greenie. If that isn’t personal, I don’t know what is!  Ten Things To Get Rid Of Today is a great starting conversation on getting a minimalist lifestyle going. Do you think they are too hard or too easy? Where are you at on your journey?

  1. Your microwave.  Cook real food and use the stove.
    1. I gave this up and I never want to go back. Microwaves freak me out a bit. I really do not know exactly what they are doing to my food. Yes I have read the science on it, but WHAT does it do to my food?
  2. Your TV.  Spend time outside, with friends, with people you love, reading books, pursuing your passions.  You can always use a computer to watch something.
    1. Done. I really do not own a TV. There is one in the house I live in currently but it is not mine and I have not seen it on in close to four months. I am not sure I even know how to turn it on. Frankly I do not even think it is plugged in.
  3. Personal care items with harmful chemicals in them.  Get natural body care items to replace them or find out if you actually need them at all.
    1. I have a few traditional make-up items I don’t usually wear (except for the chipped nail polish on my toes). I still use traditional conditioner because I had some in the house. I have a bottle of perfume I love and I still have a couple bottles of store bought potions I have not used up yet. My daily routine is almost completely homemade now.
  4. Toxic household cleaning products.  There are plenty of natural alternatives for this!
    1. Baking soda, vinegar, homemade laundry soap which is *almost* natural, rubbing alcohol, and STEAM! When the dish soap is gone I will switch to castile.
  5. GMOs in your fridge or cupboard.  Then keep them out of the house for good!
    1. I am working on this. Slowly and surely I want to get there.
  6. One time use disposable items like napkins, paper dishes, plastic utensils, straws, and saran wrap. Replace them with reusable items!
    1. I do not use napkins, I gave up paper towels probably ten years ago, I stopped using saran wrap ages ago too. I recently gave up aluminum foil. I still use Freezer bags for food preservation but I wash and reuse them over and over. I need an alternative for parchment paper for when i make homemade crackers. I don’t think I ever bought sandwich bags. I do have plastic utensils but I wash and reuse them (I am going to be getting rid of them in the near future).
  7. Plastics in the kitchen. Get rid of plastic tupperware, spatulas, bags, etc. Go with glass, ceramic, wood or metal. While you’re at it get rid of any teflon plated cookware.
    1. I did get rid of my Teflon. I store my pantry items in mason jars. I am starting to buy bulk to avoid packaging. I do keep some tupperware though for travelling and leftovers. I am not fully ready to give it up but I have been flirting with stopping its usage.
  8. Drugs that don’t serve you well.   You have to be the one to decide if you’d be better off without the booze, cigarettes, weed, or whatever other drug you may be using.  If it’s not right for you then get rid of it!
    1. I broke down and took allergy meds this year. I don’t even take Aspirin or the like anymore. I use herbal remedies for the most part. Occasionally I use Western medicine if I need something really fast, but for the most part if I do proper health care maintenance I do not need drugs. As for fun drugs, I rarely drink alcohol, but I do enjoy caffeine and I have given it up for many years but chose to drink coffee and tea again.
  9. Your car.  This one is probably a big deal for some of you but I’m certain that you would find that life would go on without a car. Get a nice bike, a public transportation pass, and if there is a car share program in your city join it!
    1. I currently have been without a car for quite some time. In fact in my whole life I probably only had my own vehicle for about ten years over the course of my lifetime. I will need a car again at some point, but I doubt I will ever have a car that is insured all year ’round. To me a car is a luxury NOT a necessity.
  10. Bills that you don’t actually need.  Cut your expenses by canceling all the services you don’t really need.
    1. I want a phone to talk to my mom. I really enjoy the internet to keep in contact with friends and to use as a resource for so much awesome info. I want some household utilities like gas and water and sewer and power (I have mostly lived in the city my whole life so these are hard to avoid). When I get a car I will need to have it insured for part of the year. Medical is a good thing to have. Renter’s insurance will be good too.

So there you have it. Now I am going to go through some of my clutter and decide what I don’t need.


2 thoughts on “Ten Things To Get Rid Of Today

  1. Not sure about the first one – using the microwave uses much less electricity since it cooks the food much faster. Of course it depends what you cook and how – I only use it for certain things. We recently got solar panels so prefer to bulk cook dishes on the stove when the sun is out and we are generating electricity so that we can reheat them in the microwave using far less electricity when we tend to eat when it’s dark in the evening. I would love to live without a TV though but not sure I could convince the rest of the family. We do have a car but when it was just me I lived wihtout one quite easily.

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    • Sounds like you have a great system in place! I am just in the process of moving so I am exploring as many people’s takes on green living as I can to try to improve my own. I really want to lessen my negative environmental impact on every level. Thank you for the great insight!

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