Oh La La La Conner

We headed down to La Conner this weekend which is located on the Salish Sea between Seattle WA. and Vancouver B.C.

After driving through flood plains overflowing with broccoli, corn and squash as far as the eye could see, we arrived in the quaint, waterfront community that teems with artistic life. Art galleries, artist co-ops, gallery shops and boutiques line the main road. Restaurants touting localvore inspired menus, and microbreweries are enough to make your mouth water. I have to admit the smells were intoxicating as we wandered past the establishments.

In and out of shops we went. Each one offering different artisanal works of art ranging from paintings, to metal work, jewelry to glass work, knickknacks and greeting cards, fibre arts to upcycled creations. We both drooled at the inspiration and handiwork displayed before us. It was such a funky vibe there. I felt high from being surrounded by art and curled up in my head to ponder the opportunities for us out there. I am entertained that there is an us and we scheme and adventure our way into the future.

You are impressed by what is there and titillated that it could be us in a shop like that. The price tags reflect the artist’s efforts and the patrons are carrying shopping bags out of these places.

You say this place isn’t too far away and we can come back. You ask if I want the hand done glass bead, or the octopus bowl. I love them but I don’t need them (I am after all downsizing). We drive off to find dinner in Fairhaven which is becoming our stomping ground. We hit up Win’s Drive-in for fish and chips and I had a green tea milkshake that was so thick I think it could have stood up and walked out by itself. The joint was reminiscent of Hawaii in the early 80’s (which is a positive thing). The only downfall was the disposable cup (no lid but a straw), the cardboard tray and plastic condiment containers which all got thrown out. We both folded up the tinfoil and put it in our pockets to take home with us. There was no way around the garbage this time that I could see. I also used a disposable coffee cup and lid. I need to plan better when I go out. I know we will get coffee at the local shop where the girl’s all know your name. I must remember to get a coffee mug to bring with me. That will be two fewer pieces of garbage then.

On the way home I got a gallon of milk, cottage cheese and a brick of cheese in plastic. I am still not winning other than the fact the milk jug and cottage cheese container are both recyclable. I am becoming aware of what I am buying and once I do that I can start making changes.

We sat at the kitchen table and plotted the next adventure. Let’s just say it involves a presentation on composting toilets. You know me so well.


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