More Cleaning, Organizing And Purging: The Garage Experience

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I finally tackled the garage. There was a rat in there at one point so everything needed to be cleaned and disinfected. I went through everything and carefully washed and sprayed it with Lysol (a chemical I actually had to go out and buy for this specific project). I was not totally into getting this one done because of the gross factor, but today was sunny so I wanted to let everything dry in the sun and decootify. My front yard looks like a makeshift garage sale full of items I actually want.

Garages seem to capture the physical manifestations of the imagination and ends up being a place to put things that you might be able to repurpose at some point. There are things that need to be fixed and things that once served a purpose but maybe not so much now. I tried to be ruthless but I am a handyman at heart so there are boxes of stuff that I will be taking with me. I certainly am packing far less than I once did. I do not know how few possessions I will have room for in my next life so I am trying to fit into the small spaces in my mind. Getting rid of things is good; letting go is cathartic.


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