If You Are Out In Abbotsford, You Can!


This past Tuesday the Farm to Food Bank Food Preservation team turned rescued food into 130 jars of yumminess. Roasted peppers became jelly and organic strawberries morphed into jam. The Abbotsford Centre offers a beautiful commercial kitchen as the backdrop for this very worthy, weekly event. Even with all the stainless steel and super sized gadgets something warm and magical takes place within the walls and you are invited in as if it is your best friend’s kitchen. Three people stood side by side at the six burner gas stove and stirred the most sumptuous concoctions while more worked diligently in the back. The smells were rich and the conversation invigorating. One of the wonders of this gathering is you do not need to be a whiz in the kitchen. You are given an apron to wear and the utensils needed are supplied. The most they ask is that you bring your favorite knife if you are so inclined (smiles are supplied here).

Helping hands are always welcome and from it you get an amazing experience that puts you in touch with where food comes from and how it is made into shelf stable delicacies.

Food security is an important issue and it is one that can be positively impacted with something as simple as a can of pickles made from food that would have been wasted on a farm. This is a win-win situation!

Get involved and make a difference!


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