Going Greener


I have upcycled window sheers as produce bags and upcycled bed sheets for dried goods but our local stores don’t tare the weight of my bags. So tonight I brought a bag I had from home for my bulk treat at the grocery store. I felt very sneaky pulling the empty bag from my pocket. Honestly I was grateful for the plastic bag as I did not want my goodies getting wet on the bike ride home.

I stared at the bins of bulk items for a good ten minutes to figure out what tickled my fancy but did not cost more than the change I had jingling in my very wet pocket.

I wanted the Fruit-tella gummy berries with candy sprinkles on the outside but I could not justify $2.50 per 100g when I can get 175 g for $2 on the other side of town. I hummed and hahed and finally settled on the bin of key lime yogurt covered almonds because they were on sale for fifty cents off. Then I realized that one of the bins of almonds was improperly tagged as fifty cents per 100g! Score! I asked an employee to sign off on the price mistake and ended up getting my treat for super cheap in my recycled plastic bag.

I raced the dwindling light home on my bicycle and made it into the driveway before it was dark but not before I was soaked through. I have taken to drying each piece of wet clothing on a kitchen chair. Shorts, shirt, hoodie; all strewn over my makeshift “laundry line”. It is actually quite an effective system I have going. My clothes were actually dry since my last ride earlier today! I am starting to think that I need to choose my rain riding outfit carefully if I want to dry in a reasonable amount of time. I was fortunate this morning that it did not rain on my way to volunteering, it only rained on the way home. I am not sure how I would feel working all day in the kitchen in soaking wet attire. More planning will be needed as we enter the rainy season and I continue to use my bike as my main form of transportation!

By the way I am wired off the sugar in those things; good golly they are tasty but sweet!


4 thoughts on “Going Greener

  1. I do the same thing at a local store that doesn’t allow you to bring your own bags! So far I’ve reused their bread bags, bulk bags, and even their olive bar plastic containers. I also feel pretty sneaky when I pull the reused bags out of my tote, although I doubt anyone’s ever noticed 🙂

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  2. I do the same thing, just take my own bags. I haven’t yet been told not to. I would love to take my own containers for things like olives etc; but the store may knock that because of store health and safety insurance, although I haven’t asked.

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    • Yeah conventional stores are not big on BYO containers, but there is a movement slowly occurring! I am grateful my area is slowly offering items I can use in their bulk sections, for a while bulk was seemingly out of style! Good job for your efforts!!!


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