30-day Minimalism Challenge

30-Day Minimalism Challenge

Kelly (almost) Green posted a great blog this morning that really reflected my own journey. She linked to the 30-Day Minimalism Challenge on Into Mind. As I read through the list I felt like I had some of my current behaviours explained and the list gave me focus for other things that I need to work on. I have been going through a major life change that is ending up being the catalyst for a major life overhaul!

The toughest steel is forged in the hottest fire. -Unknown

  1. Stay off line for one day: I just started unplugging more. I am not up to a whole day but I am working on limiting my interaction with social media sites and the drama they stir up.
  2. Meditate for fifteen minutes: I need to work on this, and by work on this I mean actually try it.
  3. Declutter your digital life: I currently do not even have a cellphone, I only have a laptop and I am not really cluttered on it.
  4. No complaint day: I try not to complain but I am going to try to be mindful of everything I say and how I say it. This is going to be an interesting challenge.
  5. Identify your 3-6 priorities: I need to think about this one.
  6. Follow a morning ritual: My grandma had the best ritual, brew coffee, brush teeth, sit in her favorite chair with a piece of candied ginger and a slice of cheese. I am big on rituals. I started drinking coffee again (I know I know) but it was a willful choice on my part. I currently log into Facebook in the morning but I want to create a more serene morning ritual.
  7. Streamline your reading list: I do not spend much time subscribing to items online and carefully choose the articles and books that inspire and educate me.
  8. Learn to enjoy solitude: I do love a little me time which translates to being alone, unplugged and outside.
  9. Downsize your beauty collection: I got rid of most of my bathroom stuff last month after I realized I did not use most of it.
  10. No emails or social media until lunch: I just started working on this!
  11. Evaluate your commitments: This is one I REALLY need to work on.
  12. Define your goals for this year: I need to think about this one.
  13. Clean out your closet: I need to go through my closet and dressers again. No one needs two dressers and a closet of clothes!
  14. Take a step towards learning a new skill: Good golly I am a chronic offender for always wanting to learn how to make something myself. I think out of all the items on this list this is the one I have always taken to heart!
  15. Examine your daily habits: I need to think about this one.
  16. Don’t buy anything for 24 hours: I rarely buy anything currently. Even if I wander into a thrift store I often leave without making a purchase.
  17. Practice single tasking: Oh my stars this is going to be a challenge
  18. Unfollow and unfriend: This is coming but more in the sense that I am going to unfollow Facebook as religiously. It is a powerful tool and I do not mind have people on it but I need to use it less.
  19. Go for a walk and practice mindfulness: I try to do this often and I want to make this a daily ritual!
  20. No tv all day, read instead: I do not personally own a tv. There is one currently in the house. I have not seen it on in more than three months.
  21. Journal for twenty minutes: This is what my blog is for! I want to track and evaluate and share my journey! I am trying to write a few times a week currently.
  22. Create a relaxing bedtime routine: This will need work. I do not really have a bedtime routine other than locking the front door, brushing my teeth and fumbling into bed.
  23. Go barefaced:…I don’t usually wear makeup. I have put some on once in a while, but honestly I like a little lip gloss when my lips are dry and I am out the door.
  24. Practice Gratitude: I am trying to find the good in every situation and using positive language when talking about things. Words are powerful and I want to find the positive and good in everything.
  25. Leave a whole day unplanned: Ugh this is going to be an uncomfortable one.
  26. Identify your stress triggers: I need to think on this one.
  27. Clear out your junk drawer: I am going through everything I own right now. I sorting and purging and organizing everything I own.
  28. Let go of a goal: I need to think on this one.
  29. Turn off notifications: I do not currently have a cellphone so this is a foreign concept. I will admit when I had a cellphone this was one of the most annoying features… I literally would look at the phone and ask out loud “what do you want from me?”
  30. Evaluate your last five purchases: Why is it I just splurged after not spending any money for so long?
    1. two tins of tuna 77 cents each
    2. a can of smoked oysters $1.25
    3. a pair of fancy knee high socks for $2
    4. stainless steel measuring spoon set to replace plastic ones $3
    5. One package of terribly naughty gummy candies with gross ingredients and a non-recyclable bag $2

There you have it, I want to be fully transparent in all that I do as it helps me be accountable for my own actions : )


4 thoughts on “30-day Minimalism Challenge

  1. It’s so fun reading about your thoughts so far! Good for you for tackling so many of these at once 🙂 I’m impressed that you don’t have a cell phone or TV. Personally, I would love to chuck both, but that wouldn’t go over so well with the rest of the household. I’m looking forward to hearing more!

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    • I will be getting a cellphone again but I am not wanting to use it in the traditional cellphone way I will be using it like a phone if that makes sense. I have never been a tv person. Even growing up we had rabbit ears and a black and white tv radio lol! I am trying my best! Thank you for posting your amazing list and sharing this challenge!

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