Liquid Sunshine On The Wet West Coast


I am grateful for the rain to water the garden, replenish the reservoirs and put out the fires burning all over British Columbia and Washington State. Please excuse the selfie but I did not know how to express the amount of wet it is outside. I biked four miles to an appointment today and I was soaked completely through. We needed this rain.

This summer was so unusually dry that drought was a reality and I almost forgot what it was like to live in a temperate rainforest.

Weather does not change the fact I use a bicycle to get around. There are places I need to go. I just have to get creative with getting from point A to point B regardless of the elements. I personally don’t mind being uber moist if I am just heading home afterwards but I am not sure Drowned Rat is the fashion statement I want to always make. I figure I shall have to pull a Superman wardrobe change (oh if only they still had phone booths!) or invest in some rain gear.

I am curled up in warm dry pajamas now and smiling as I watch the rain come down in torrents.


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