Eggplant Bacon


I was gifted twenty-four eggplants the other day and thanks to one of the lovely women I work with, I was told about a great dehydrator recipe for eggplant.

I have two words for you: EGGPLANT BACON.

Honestly I do not remember what bacon tastes like but this recipe makes a savory snack perfect for munching on or using instead of crackers.

I rinse my eggplants in a clean sink filled partway with water then I thickly slice the eggplant lengthwise. I would say I cut it just under a half a centimeter thick. It really does not matter as long as they are uniform in size so they dry at the same speed.

In a shallow glass dish I combined the following ingredients. This recipe is flexible! I used honey but switch it out for a vegan friendly option. You can leave out or replace the olive oil for a whole food friendlier option. This recipe can be played with to accommodate what you have in the cupboards. I did not measure I just poured them in until it tasted good. I have listed the below ingredients base on the amount I used from greatest to least.

Apple cider vinegar

Bragg soy sauce

Olive oil



black pepper and cayenne

Other spice options would be chillies and garlic.

Once you have the eggplant sliced, marinate them in the sauce. I honestly did not have time to wait so I literally was dipping the slices into the marinade and putting them directly onto the  racks to go into the dehydrator. Mine turned out very tasty but I would have liked to give them the opportunity to soak up the flavors of the marinade longer.

Every dehydrator is different. I set mine to 160 degrees which would be too hot for raw food status. Raw food cannot be dried at temps higher than 117 degrees. Dry it until the slices are so crisp they snap when bent.

When fully dried store your eggplant bacon in sealed containers like freezer bags or mason jars.

Besides using these as chips, or crackers, you can use them as a salad topping. Get creative! These are great for biking and backpacking as well as camping!


2 thoughts on “Eggplant Bacon

    • I assume they would last about 6 to 9 months IF they don’t get eaten first! Freezer bags are the only kitchen “disposable” I buy but I wash and reuse them until they break. I have successfully dried bananas cut lengthwise and then in half, potatoes (blanch first so they do not turn black), zucchini which makes a nice snack dried, apples, onions, cabbage and peppers to add to soup mixes as well as halved plums I foraged for. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my dehydrator and am very pleased with how the food is keeping. IF I lived somewhere less humid I would try a solar dehydrator, but on the Wet West Coast I have to stick with an electric one. I am shocked how many additives go into the store bought dried food items. Other than the fancy marinade I made for eggplant, I have just been drying my food as is or with minor blanching if absolutely necessary. I am hoping to create tasty treats that are ready to eat and entire menus that require the “just add water” approach or worst case need boiling. Explore and let me know how your experiments go!!!

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