Bean There Done That.


Today we were prepping beans and cucumbers. I believe the beans were frozen and the cucumbers were to be pickled and canned. I came home with more gourmet peppers, eggplants and cucumbers. I am not sure the story about why we got this produce but I know it is all from local farms and rejected for one reason or another. I spent the day tipping and tailing, chopping into inch pieces and slicing into thirds. I love this work. I love the location in a gourmet commercial kitchen,  the mindless repetition, and the company. The true beauty is rescuing food from being thrown out to create food security for our community by processing food to give to the food bank. I continue to be honoured by being allowed to participate in such an important ritual.

This is anarchy.

Right now my veggies are soaking in water and I am looking up a recipe for eggplant bacon as suggested by one of the wonderful people I work with.

I am finding it more and more difficult to go into a grocery store to shop. I want to know my food. How many pieces of produce were rejected to bring even one item to a grocery store shelf? How many items were tossed out because they did not meet the standard of beauty or the ideals of consumerism?

This is taboo.

I am not saying my kitchen is zero waste; yet. I almost feel like I should hold a funeral when food items spoil on my watch. There is a lot of guilt as something goes into the compost that should have gone into a meal. My relationship with food is evolving and it is so hard to explain. I was never wasteful. I ate leftovers and always tried to use food before it went bad, but now I see food as a more finite resource like water. Food does not just appear on the diner table. It has journeyed and I want to be a part of that. I want to intimately know the beginning to the end of my food.

This is my right.

I cannot remain unchanged by this undertaking. You are what you eat and I want to be grown and known.

This is an evolution for change.


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