It’s Better On The Vedder

I found a pamphlet on hikes in and around Chilliwack and I offer it up to you as a gift. I am so excited I am almost indifferent to the where of our adventures, I just want to experience all of it.

You want me to pick a spot, I hesitantly point to a cluster of dashes on the map by a road I am familiar with.

We drive down memory lane and hazily recall details of moments we shared and it is good.

You begin to talk story about your travels and I see images through your eyes as if I was there and suddenly I am; and oh how I want to be. You want me there too. You want me in your past and present. We hint at the future but we both know it is uncertain. There is a river of life we float on much like the one we decide to walk along today, and it leads us on an ever evolving adventure.

The path is gravelly and flat. It would be perfect for a relaxing bike ride along the river. The water offers another path that may invite us to explore the green and white over the worn smooth stones but it won’t be in the kayaks. The quick waters would surely bring the elements together. Rock paper scissors, our hulls would lose.

We laugh about how easy this trail is and discuss starting to carry weighted backpacks. I am daydreaming of feeling the weight on my shoulders. The simplicity makes me grow strong. I will be free.

I oh and ah over the different stoves I have been eyeing. Wood ones and gel. I obsess about a Snow Peak mug/pot. I imagine my “kitchen” to be one pot/mug a stove and an eating utensil. Maybe a separate drinking vessel. I am in need of coffee.

We manage to meander 14 kilometers and talk about miles of journeys ahead of us…


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