Dehydration: Rescuing Rescued Food

I am rescuing my rescued food. I am prepping it to be dehydrated so that it does not spoil before I can get to it and eat it.

Today we had a reprieve from the atrociously hot weather so I filled up my dehydrator with potatoes this time. I hope they don’t turn black. I went to the effort of blanching the potato slices for five minutes in boiling water because I read this will stop the potatoes from turning black. *Fingers and toes crossed*.

I have bags with little crispy fruits and veggies waiting for winter to come and magic to happen. I sneak bites now and again and zip up the freezer bags after my fingers invade. Freezer bags are the disposable kitchen item I allow and I wash and reuse them again and again.

I have been preserving foraged Italian prune plums, and rescued veggies ranging from zucchini to peppers and now potatoes. I am learning a lot about drying by finding information on the internet and mostly I figure it out by trial and error.

I am not just putting up for winter but I am also experimenting with trail food, one pot wonders and “just add water” instant meals. I am figuring out ways to simplify my cooking techniques for times when a stocked kitchen is not an option.

This is an exercise in eating in season as I process the excess for leaner times.

I feel like women for generations before me are looking over my shoulder approvingly. I long for their advice. My kitchen is warm and inviting. Come in my Dear, can I offer you a cup of tea?


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